I am prepared to contribute to the Cooee Network Contribution Bank in the ways indicated below.
I understand that:
  1. I will be consulted prior to being involved in any Cooee endorsed project
  2. I have the right to make the final decision on exercising my contribution at any stage
  3. I may be contacted to clarify the nature of the contribution I have proposed below
  4. The Cooee Network will need to conduct a probity check on my offer
  5. My name will not be made public unless I agree to that happening
  6. I will receive recognition of my contribution via a Cooee Contributor Certificate emailed to me soon after this offer is accepted


Postal Address:

Home Phone:

Mobile Phone:

Work Phone:


Description of my contribution


The skill or expertise I am prepared to offer is best described as :

(eg. Negotiating, designing buildings, secretarial work, project management, writing songs, fundraising, organizing things, marketing, facilitating meetings, writing proposals, getting people to agree on what they want, etc)


The general geographic area in which I am able to offer this expertise is:

         Within 30 minutes drive of my home suburb
         Within 2 hours drive of my home suburb
         Anywhere in my home state, depending on circumstances (eg. Frequency , payment of travel costs etc)
         Anywhere in Australia, depending on circumstances


The amount of time I am able to give is:

         Up to 8 hours per year
         Up to 20 hours per year
         Up to 100 hours per year
         Negotiable, depending on need and circumstances


The materials and/or resources I am offering may be best described as

(eg. Office space, land, office equipment, vehicles, insurance cover etc, etc)


Special circumstances regarding this offer include:

(eg. Limit of geography, quantity, timing etc, etc)


I am able to contribute funds for ideas approved by the Cooee Network

         Up to $100
         Up to $500
         Up to $2,000
         Up to $10,000
         Over $10,000 and negotiated, depending on circumstances


I am able to contribute funds for supporting the ongoing operations of the Cooee Networking as it facilitates projects

         Up to $100
         Up to $500
         Up to $2,000
         Up to $10,000
         Over $10,000 and negotiated, depending on circumstances

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Many thanks for your offer of support to the Cooee Network and to the projects that it will be facilitating.

We will endeavour to respond to your offer within 10 working days